Steel Security Door Restoration

Why do we offer steel door restoration

Your door when new was only Zinc plated and then powdercoated this looks great when it is new

After a few years with wear and tare and the environment your door that works well but has lost its look and maybe getting a little rusty especially near the bottom, the mesh has become contaminated with dust and dirt and torn we offer this service to bring your door back to better than new, if you are happy with the door but not the way it looks this service is for you,

There are three businesses involved to restore your door.


We pick up your door and prepare it for refurbishment it goes for a chemical strip, this will remove the old powdercoating and surface contaminants, we pick up the door and inspect it for any repairs it may need, the door is then taken to a Dulux accredited powdercoater who will follow the Dulux procedure, it will get a surface blast to remove rust and contaminants, it is then powdercoated with a Dulux product called Zincshield, it is powdercoated again with a Dulux colour from the Dulux Duralloy Range. we pick up the door and put new mesh and return and install the door.

If this is the type of service you are looking for give us a call, please check we service your area

We are unable to restore door closers, locks, and mesh, we have new closers and locks available