F A Q's

    Why Is there a gap under my door?

   The Minimum gap under the door should be 4mm,this can increase if your door frame is out of square.

    Solution: Install a bug seal brush to the bottom of the door, ask at time of measure.


   Why does the lock not lock when the door is open?

   Standard security door locks are designed to operate only when the door is closed, forcing the lock may    

   damage the lock and void warranty.


   Can the lock be locked by the snib?

   Yes it can be locked with the snib, if you do not have security mesh it is advisable to lock with the key

   and remove the key, when the lock is key locked from inside you need the key to exit.


   What is Limited Vision mesh?

   Also known as  "Super Mesh"

   Limited vision mesh is an Aluminium Mesh with Fluted Perforations, depending on the colour and light

   Differences depends on how limited the vision may be,

   This mesh can be cut and torn although quite solid looking it is NOT A SECURITY MESH.


   What is Tuff Mesh?

   Tuff mesh is a Heavy duty woven Aluminium mesh, great visibility, great air flow,great for pets,

   Longer lasting than std flyscreen,Powder coated in black. NOT A SECURITY MESH.


   What is woven Stainless steel mesh?

   316 Marine grade stainless steel wire woven into a mesh,powder coated black.

   This mesh offers great visibility,great air flow great SECURITY,great against rust.and very long lasting.



  What is Covered By Warranty?

  The materials and installation is warranted for 12 months against faulty workman ship or faulty materials.

  This does not include lack of cleaning and maintenance,the lock and cylinder are covered by a 12 month

  manufacturers warranty, the door closer if fitted has no warranty,

  316 Marine grade mesh is warranted against rust, 

  All other meshes are not covered by warranty.

  Movement of the door frame due to the weight of the door or the movement in the house is not covered by



  Where are the doors and flyscreens made ?

 Aluminium doors and fly screens of all types are made by us in our own well equipped work shop